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iZero Energy Conservation - iZec

The iZec is the perfect solution for busy households, offices, and large scale deployments. iZec offers greater flexibility and enhanced automation.

The system comprises of a small controller unit which plugs into the mains and intelligent switches that may be used at the outlet for each device under control.

Once installed, (which means plugged in!) You may control your switches individually or in groups via standard internet browsers or apps


  • Low Cost Installation Uses existing infrastructure, no cables, no wireless black-spots, fully scaleable to any size of deployment
  • Scheduled Policies which means electrical devices are switched off when not in use.
  • Real-Time Switching.  The ability to remote control any device, group of devices room, building from anywhere in the world.
  • iOS & Android Enabled. Switching and scheduling control from any device with internet access.
  • Power Management. Bases switching rules on usage.
  • Plug and Play Single button configuration of new devices.
  • In-Built Smart Metering.  Reports on device usage by time, kWh, Cost etc, and gives savings over time..
  • Master Switching.  Turn off all non essential power devices when the property is vacated (e.g. Alarm set).
  • Easy to Use Web Browser based interface
Start saving money immediately - Pay back in months not years

The iZec keeps the ultimate decisions of power use in your hands with a manual control over-ride option.

iZec allows you to attack the energy guzzlers & moderate consumption first

Patent Applied 1214924.1

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