iZero Innovation
"The Internet of Things"

The iZero axiom combines internet-borne control technologies with energy conservation concepts. iZero helps meet energy reduction commitments by optimising the energy usage of any environment from domestic property to the enterprise, saving money and reducing carbon footprint.

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We created iZero with a focus on developing practical applications within the Internet 0 philosophy.

Our current endeavour is on Energy Conservation Devices which may be controlled remotely through Smartphone or traditional browser based technologies utilising the cost saving and bandwidth reduction capabilities of Internet 0.
iZReco is a project currently in the conceptual development and research phase.

We are striving to cultivate reduced footprint technological advances which, as a portfolio, will allow  you to reduce your COemissions to net zero. 

iZero are a UK based partnership holding significant Intellectual Property Rights.

We are currently recruiting both strategic partners and associates.